Prince George Secondary School

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The overall goal at PGSS is: "Students will learn to own their own learning".

The SD vision is: "Learning that enriches the life of each student" 

What's Happening

*** Grade 8 Summer Camp (August 25 to 27) Postponed ***

At this time the grade 8 Summer Camp has been postponed indefinitely due to the teacher strike and job action.

August 26-28 - Registration for September 2014 9am-3pm

August 25-27 - Grade 8 Summer Camp 10am - 2pm (postponed)


BCTF Strike Action in School District No.57

Monday, June 16, 2014  Rotating Strike.  Schools closed.  Busses will not run.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014  Full Provinical Strike.  Schools closed.  Busses will not run.

See links below for:
•        BCTF notice June 16, 2014  Rotating Strike
•        BCTF notice Full Strike Notice

Look for additional updates on the  School District 57 website daily.

You may also keep informed with the school district website for any future strike developments.

Click here for June's Exam Schedule



Tuesday June 16 - No Busses running due to teacher strike.

Wednesday June 18 - Busses running both ways as per usual due to Essential Serivce order.

Thursday June 19 - Busses running both ways as per usual due to Essential Service order.

Friday June 20 - Busses running both ways as per usual due to Essential Service order.

Tuesday June 24 - Busses will run at normail times in the morning but at  4:15pm in the afternoon to accommodate the three hours (1-4) for provincial exam writers (all schools running Comm 12 June 20, Science 10 June 23, Socials 11 June 24 in the PM)


Schools are unable to provide supervision of students before and after exams.

Busses will NOT be running for report card pick-up day.

Other Important Info:

June 2014 Exam Bulletin

The Year Books will be handed out in September - Sorry for any inconvenience.

Report Cards - stay tuned for more information.

Summer School information is now posted on the CLA website.

Parents and Teens click here for newsletter.

We are working towards being a "nut aware" school.  All nuts are to be removed from our meal prep areas.  Please be considerate of these students and staff and consider not sending any nut products to school.  These allergies can be life threatening.

We are also a scent considerate school.  Please be considerate and not wear any cologne or perfumes, these allergies can be life threatening.