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The overall goal at PGSS is: "Students will learn to own their own learning".

The SD vision is: "Learning that enriches the life of each student" 



Strike Update: Sunday, September 7, 2014

Due to the current strike, schools in School District No. 57 will remain closed for the period September 8 - 12, 2014.  Parents wishing to register their children for school are asked to contact the neighbourhood or choice school via telephone.

All curricular and extra-curricular activities normally associated with schools in School District No. 57 have ceased during the strike.

The School District and Prince George Secondary websites will be updated as new information becomes available regarding the strike.

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Graduating Class of 2014 - Diploma Certificates are available.

Please contact the office for details on how to collect your British Columbia Certificate of Graduation or School Completion Certificate.

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The Year Books (Current Gr 9-12's) will be distributed upon student return - Sorry for any inconvenience.

Report Cards - stay tuned for more information.

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We are working towards being a "nut aware" school.  All nuts are to be removed from our meal prep areas.  Please be considerate of these students and staff and consider not sending any nut products to school.  These allergies can be life threatening.

We are also a scent considerate school.  Please be considerate and not wear any cologne or perfumes, these allergies can be life threatening.